Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We also have huge Rainbows along with nice Grayling, Dollies and Northern Pike.

We have great opportunities for the fly fishermen, with a range of sizes to think about from light weight grayling to monster salmon.

You will need to bring your own gear as we have limited fly fishing gear at the lodge.

This is a BIG YES!!

At times you are likely to see, moose, brown bear, wolf, fox, caribou, beaver, otter, mink and more. We have birds, from eagles to artic warblers. We have spruce grouse in camp and many ducks on the river.

We have equipment at the lodge to help get your fish home fresh as possible.

We can help you process your fish and then vacuum pack and freeze them fast. You can then carry them home as baggage in your coolers or in fish boxes we have at the lodge.

We are a remote lodge and we must generate our power.  We have outlets to recharge batteries.

Please let us know in advance if you have special needs in this area.

We have internet and Skype too.

Yes, but we cannot handle individual needs of everybody at any given time.

The lodge has its requirements for the laundry machines and we hope that since your stay is so short that your washer/dryer needs are minimal. Should the weather turn wet we will of course be able to dry items.

We have two full baths with toilets, showers, and sinks. We also have outhouses here and there which we appreciate when the baths are in use.

At times, we employ natives at the lodge.

Often the nearby locals stop by to say hi.  We have many local friends and I am proud to introduce them to our guests.  They are interesting and wonderful people.

Usually we can but we need to know in advance of any special needs of our guests.

Yes we do have alcohol at the lodge.  Its “bring your own” liquor, wine, and beer.

We will have a selection of common mixers but you should let us know what you will need. In early spring we can load our barge container with your booze order if needed.

This certainly is an important question. You need to know basically what you need to bring.

Some summers are cold and wet and some are warm and dry. You need to contact us at the lodge on the internet prior to your departure.  We will be able to predict a week out or so from forecasts.